How to crochet flowers that last a lifetime

crochet mother's day

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I love the idea of crochet flowers because my cats like to chew any living plant or cut flowers that come into my home. Many are poisonous to cats so to avoid that situation crochet flowers are a great solution! Crochet flowers can also be great stash busters!

So many designers have made life like floral designs with crochet that you can even put them in a vase like you would do with the real thing. No water needed. No bugs wreaking havoc in the soil. Sounds like a winning combo to me!

Let’s look at some beautiful crochet flower and plant ideas you can make for your home.

This sunny daffodil cushion is perfect for a sunroom, a spring living room refresh, a guest room pillow or a window seat cushion. I can’t help but smile when I look at it!

No more waiting for spring

Waiting for spring is a flower and vase all in one pattern. Each component is separate. Vase, vase protector and flowers are all included in this very sweet flower pattern.

Lavender fields forever

I can smell the lavender from here! This fun lavender flower crochet pattern has me looking twice to see if it’s real or crochet.

The designer has styled this so realistically including vibrant green grass just like lavender fields in the wild.

Tulips from Holland?

Happy Berry Crochet has the iconic flower of spring – the tulip. The free pattern also includes a video tutorial for a good result.

A succulent by any other name would still be a succulent

Crochet succulents are charming and with so many shades of green available you can have a sea of them covering a shelf and not repeat a single one.

Get the pattern here from Cloud9knots.

Not a slow growing orchid

An orchid that is so lifelike you have to look two or three times to see if it’s real or if it is a craft version!

Lots of color combinations that will have you struggling to settle on which one you will crochet first.

Get the pattern here.

You shine like that thing in the sky

How about a cheering bouquet of sunny sunflowers to brighten up your home?

Get the happy pattern here.

A dish garden of succulents

This full garden is a real show stopper. Colorful, plenty of texture and visual interest will deserve a special place to showcase it in your home.

The free pattern by Artefacts crochet design can be found here.

Roses are red , and yellow, and pink and white

crochet rose pattern

No flower post would be complete with the most recognized flower, the rose. This designer has the most realistic looking crochet version of a rose in my eyes.

A stunning bouquet of long stem roses that can last a lifetime. Are you charmed? I am.

Get the pattern here.

He loves me, he loves me not…

Zinnia’s have lots of long slender petals captured perfectly in this design by Happy Patty Crochet.

I wouldn’t play the “he loves me, he loves me not” with this crochet version.

Get the pattern here.