Dark chocolate pistachio low calorie snack cake recipe

If you want a snack cake to satisfy your chocolate craving without taking a toll on your waistline this is the recipe for you. I love it so much I make it nearly every week to keep my sugar craving in check. If you keep a healthy stocked pantry you probably have a lot ofRead more

Charcuterie on the cheap

charcuterie for two

Big variety without spending big money You love the Pinterest charcuterie boards but the price of putting one together makes your wallet hurt? Maybe you want one but just for one or two people? Fear not my frugal reader, I’ve got you my friend! How does a guy or gal on a budget put togetherRead more

Chili lime tilapia with black beans and rice

This is one of my “well stocked pantry” meals. I always have the basics on hand and it comes together quickly. Fish is in the freezer. Rice is in the pantry. Beans are somewhere (I usually cook and freeze my own in can sized portioned bags but sometimes buy salt free beans). Customize as youRead more