The five essential things every beginner crocheter needs

Tools every crocheter needs

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So you want to start crocheting as a hobby and wonder what tools you need so you’re prepared? Look no further. This list will set you up for beginner to advanced beginner skill levels as your make progress with each new project.

  • Crochet hooks. Yes plural. One hook will not suffice, nor do you need 20 hooks but commonly used sizes will get your through the first few projects you will make as a beginner. I suggest 4mm. 4.5 mm. 5mm and 6 mm. Thick chunky yarns will need an ever larger hook but likely you will be working with category 4 yarn early on and these sizes work well with it. You can get a value priced set to cover your bases and consider upgrading to higher end hooks when you find which 2-4 hook sizes you use most often. This set has many sizes and some of the other things you will need.
  • Stitch markers. Even seasoned crocheters need these. They help organize rows, where you’re at in a pattern, remind you of a color change or stitch change in a pattern. You can use safety pins in a pinch but for some yarns they can be cumbersome and get tangled.
  • Tape measure. This will help you check the gauge of your stitches and if you’re project is the right size.
  • Tapestry needles. These have large eyes for yarn so you can weave in the ends when you’ve completed your project.
  • Embroidery scissors. These snip yarn with their sharp blades so it doesn’t fray and are compact enough to store with your small tools.
Embroidery scissors
  • Something to track your project with. As you work each row you will want to keep count. There are a number of ways to do this and you will find what works for you. There are tracker apps, you can use a small note book or check out the project trackers I have designed that have spots for notes in each row.
  • As you begin making projects you will likely want to figure out a yarn tote to take your project with you and keep it safe.
yarn tote
project tote

How to chose yarn for beginners

Avoid scratchy feeling yarn because it is uncomfortable in your fingers and can cause burning feeling. Some yarns do soften up after being given a softening treatment. Many acrylic value yarns are uncomfortable to work with as you’re learning but if you watch for sales the softer acrylic and blends will be a similar price.

Watching video tutorials and learning how to read simple patterns will help you skills build quickly and give you confidence to take on more ambitious projects over time!