Crochet sock patterns to try now

Why you should crochet socks

The benefits of crochet socks

Why should knitters have all the sock fun!? If you’re a strict crochet-only crafter and want some socks you can get in on the sock game too.

Nothing feels like crochet socks. I love them on their own merits. Not as a replacement to commercial made socks. I like them because of the custom fit and they don’t bind my feet. It’s as if a cloud is covering each foot like a gossamer wing. Some I have made even feel barefoot – but better.

Depending on the yarn you use they can be for warmth or just a foot covering if you don’t want to be barefoot at home. I have two pair made from cotton yarn when the air conditioning in the summer puts a chill on my foot but acrylic or wool would be too warm.

Customize socks for hard to fit feet

If you have an out of the average foot it is wonderful to custom make them for wide or long feet that regular socks (and slippers) don’t fit particularly well. Simply add length between the toe and heel section or add stitches when working in the round for wider feet/ankles. If you are wanting to customize for a harder to fit foot, go with a toe up pattern so you can do your width and length increases there.

I find the only real tricky part is the heel but following a pattern makes it a breeze.

You can’t have just one pair. Make a few for a homemade sock assortment so you have something for your mood and the current weather.

Free sock patterns to make now

Step on free sock pattern is a great basic to get your hook going.

For this pair I used Hobby Lobby cozy toes yarn with Lakeside Loops waffle socks

These are great basic-but-better crochet socks customized to size. Heart Hook and home always has such great patterns!

This sock from Han Jan Crochet has such a interesting wonderful lacy texture if a simple sock isn’t to your taste. I had fun making a pair! This is not a beginner sock pattern but if you’re ready to stretch your crochet skills then go for it! Trying new things is how we advance.

For nervous first time sock makers

Rohn Strong I call the king of socks. He wrote a whole book of sock patterns! This video is a great starting point if you feel nervous to begin crocheting socks for yourself or a loved one.