Sweet citrus summer crochet cardigan

A new pattern great for spring and summer! This cotton lace cardigan will be your go-to when you want to look pulled together in your shorts, jeans, and tank tops.

The caron latte cakes pattern blanket wrap

This customizable pattern will help you easily make a cozy rectangle blanket wrap. One of my most popular patterns and post now in 2021. I am thrilled so many of you are loving your cozy latte cakes wrap. I use mine more than any crochet item I have made to date.

To blend or not to blend. Comfy cotton blend review and a blend rant

I will say it as my opening statement, I do not enjoy nor do I understand blending unnatural fibers with cotton. I think of all the ways we choose cotton, or maybe just the whys of choosing it. I have gone on and on about cotton for summer garments, or in my case spring, summerRead more

A summer poncho

I’ve been working on this pattern for about 6 weeks despite buying all the materials back in November! Cotton yarn isn’t exactly front of mind when Christmas decorations are going up. The poncho is a great piece for when the air conditioning is chilly on shoulders, airplane cabins catch a breeze or cool spring andRead more