Tiny habits = better life

use feng shui to clean

Little changes to your daily habits can have big impacts when repeated regularly. Let’s look at some little changes you can implement into your daily life that have a big payoff. Pick one , two or all of them and you will see improvement in your day to day life. These are great tips if you get overwhelmed with making any change.

Gentle changes that take only a minute or so is something everyone has time for. Check out this post on bringing more calm into your life that addresses removing and adding things if you have too much on your day to day plate and feel like you’re in a constant state of chaos.

Tiny habit #1 : Get up and get moving

While you’re doing one of your morning rituals add in some activity for just sixty seconds. While you make your tea or coffee do wall pushups, march in place lifiting those knees high and swinging your arms, squats with good form, leg raises holding your counter for balance if you’re a bit too groggy to be fully stable, toy soldier kicks using the opposite arm to meet your leg or jog in place. It gets the blood moving.

When you brush your teeth try face yoga to wake up your ocular muscles and get rid of facial puffiness. Check out the face yoga expert here.

Tiny Habit #2: Use feng shui to keep tidy

use feng shui to clean

If you don’t enjoy cleaning this little hack uses the feng shui number 9  which represents the culmination of a cycle with events reaching a pinnacle.

Pick a room that feels the most cluttered or messy and toss, put away, organize, etc nine items. It doesn’t matter how big or small each item is.

Do this to one room per day each day of the week and you’re on your way to a tidy home with just a minute or two of effort each day.

Tiny Habit #3: Get your goal on

At the start of the day, maybe in the first moments you have your morning beverage, sit down with a notebook and do some empowerment around a goal you have. It doesn’t have to be same goal each day. You may have short term and long term goals.

how to achieve your goal easily
  • Write the goal
  • Write three reasons it is important
  • Write 2 ways you are well equipped to achieve the goal
  • Write the one thing you can do today to make it happen

This activity gets your head in the right place for the day and a no fail outcome.

Tiny Habit #4: Nix the news

By the nature of modern news delivery it is designed to raised your anxiety levels. You can get weather info on your phone or in a computer alert bar and local community guidelines from a government resource page. Limit national news coverage or televised news to 2-3 times per week and never late in the day. Keeping yourself calm in the evenings is essential to restful sleep.

If you do struggle with sleep this post is the complete guide to better sleep.

Tiny Habit #5: Expand your mind

Learning new things on a regular basis can really improve your quality of life in many ways. Make an effort to learn something new 1-2 times per month. If you have a hobby that is a great way to expand your mind and facilitate curiosity, your social circle and an increased sense of self. Read this post to see specifically how hobbies enrich your life and improve cognitive function at every age.

Reading, watching a documentary, trying new activities all contribute to mind expansion.

Tiny Habit #6: Spending time

Consider during the day if the things you do are a good use of your time. Are you spinning your wheels and doing things that don’t contribute to a goal, joy, further your business goal or enrich your personal relationships? Do you do things on automatic as a distraction from doing what really needs to be done? Do you do for others and not receive in return?

Time is not a renewable resource so it’s important to consider how to spend the time you have. You need not schedule every moment of every day, simple evaluate the cost benefit equation of how you do spend your time.