Pocket shawl patterns to try now

Are you considering making make yourself one of the trendy crochet pocket shawls but can’t decide on one? Psst – It’s ok to have more than one there are no rules here in crochet accessory world.

I grouped some of my favorites pocket shawl patterns by style to help you narrow down one for yourself of whoever you are making one for as a lovely handmade gift.

Do you want it for warmth or for function? It’s great to toss on pockets when you don’t have any simply by putting on a pocket shawl even if it’s just around the house to hold your cell phone or something else small and not too heavy. I won’t judge if you keep the tv remote in it!

Open weave pocket shawl crochet patterns

Crochet pocket shawl

This wrap design has lots of openwork stitches and texture that makes it fun to work on. Low on repetitive stiches which is great for crocheters who get bored easily!

Hooks, books, wanderlust has created the cozy fireside shawl in a beautiful wearable shade but you can get creative and make what best suits your wardrobe. with the free pattern.

The Wanderlust Pocket Shawl from Heart Hook Home has an open airy design that is reminiscent of a fisher’s netting. The designer uses a superwash merino wool in the design for softness and washability. Shawls get a lot of wear and tear so a washable yarn is important.

Ribbed pocket shawl pattern

Try using cotton yarn if you’re in a warm climate and want more year round use of this design.

Cotton pocket shawl pattern

This pocket shawl is made from category 3 cotton for year round comfort. The open flexible stitch pattern looks lightweight.

Great for even warmer months when the air conditioner feels cool or you just want an accessory for your summer basics without adding heat.

It has 3 different size options to get the right length and width for your unique build.

Warm pocket shawl crochet patterns

If you want function and warmth from your pocket shawl these are great options to consider. They have a closed stitch sequence so no cold air will get through!

This warm and toasty pocket shawl from crochet with carrie Has closed stitched with a wide ribbing detail to keep you cozy in cool weather.

It’s such a beautiful visual interest texture while still being understated and classic.

She uses aran and wool blend yarn for softness and washability as well as a layer of warmth when your shoulders get cold.

This stunning pocket shawl from yarnspirations features another beautiful texture for visual interest.

Elegant and generously sized you can look stylish while keeping warm. It feels like a big hug. What a great gift it would be for someone you love.

This design from Lulo Stich co is simple but chic. The Sabrina wrap is a free pattern available in the website and it features fun fringes and beginner to advanced beginner stitches.

Why not push yourself if your a relative newbie and advance your skills with such a wearable piece?