A pocket shawl crochet pattern for year round comfort

Crochet pocket shawls are a big trend currently. I haven’t liked the look of any pocket shawls I have seen. I am viewing them through the eyes of someone who lives in a warm climate. They all look bulky, heavy and hot. That’s perfect for cold climate crocheters.

I like the idea of throwing on some pockets because women’s clothing is so woefully lacking in pockets often times. What’s a gal to do in spring, summer or even early fall before temps drop below 40?

Warm weather crocheters should have the option to make the trendy and useful pocket shawl too! It’s great to be able to slip it over your shoulders and tada! Instant pockets and instant style.


Cotton pocket shawl pattern

As usual, for me the answer is always cotton. I found a gorgeous color of dk weight cotton and designed a cotton pocket shawl that looks open and airy. Lots of interesting texture without being heavy or bulky looking.

This pattern creates a soft flexible airy texture using a 4 row repeat. The crochet pattern is customized for petite, average and tall heights.

You get a perfect fit in both length and width whether are you petite plus size or taller and slender and every combination in between.

If you are looking for a warmer shawl pattern check out my modern plaid crochet blanket wrap here.

 I used Yarnbee Sugarwheel cotton solids in nutmeg. I am obsessed with this color! Also it comes in hefty 5 oz. skeins so you only need a very few. It’s very soft, a slight hint of sheen and easy to work with.

Lion comfy cotton blend is a good choice, Paintbox cotton DK or lion brand coboo if you want a cotton bamboo blend.


 This pattern is in US terms and you should be very comfortable reading patterns (intermediate level or a very ambitious beginner wanting to push themselves). It uses a 5.5 mm crochet hook to keep this lightweight yarn flexible. Also basic and advanced beginner stitches that create a unique texture and visual interest.

sugarwheel cotton solids yarn pattern
Sugarwheel cotton solids pattern
Women's crochet pocket shawl pattern

Get the pattern here: Four Seasons Pocket Shawl or here My ravelry