A pocket shawl crochet pattern for year round comfort

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? I haven’t liked the look of any pocket shawls I have seen. I am viewing them through the eyes of someone who lives in a warm climate. They all looked bulky, heavy and hot.


I like the idea of throwing on some pockets because women’s clothing is so woefully lacking in pockets often times. What’s a gal to do in spring, summer or even early fall before temps drop below 40?

As usual, for me the answer is always cotton. I found a gorgeous color of dk weight cotton and designed a cotton pocket shawl that looks open and airy. Lots of interesting texture without being heavy or bulky looking.


I used Yarnbee Sugarwheel cotton solids in nutmeg. I am obsessed with this color! Also it comes in hefty 5 oz. skeins so you only need a very few.

Lion comfy cotton blend is a good choice, Paintbox cotton DK or lion brand coboo if you want a cotton bamboo blend.



This pattern is in US terms and you should be very comfortable reading patterns (intermediate level or a very ambitious beginner wanting to push themselves).




I designed it in three lengths and three widths to get a perfect fit no matter how petite or how tall you may be.

Get the pattern here: Four Seasons Pocket Shawl or here My ravelry