How to make amigurumi crochet cat ears

Fluffy cat crochet

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Do you need cat ears for your amigurumi project? This ear pattern works for some different types of animals but I am using them for cat ears. Try them for zebras, giraffes, hippos, cats, lions, and more.

In the image I have worked up a standard category 4 cotton white yarn to show how it looks without the fluff. My project is a fluffy cat so I have fluffy ears for it! You can modify the increase to make a more narrow pointed ear if that better suits the animal you are crocheting.

If you want a very pointy ear, only increase one stitch per round. The pattern below has an increase of two stitches per round.

How to crochet cat ears


  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • category 4 yarn to match your project
  • scissors
  • tapestry needle

Create a magic ring.

Work 6 single crochet into the circle. Tighten then mark the stitch . I like to use a piece of yarn because it’s easier to move as you complete each short round. Do no slip stitch at end of round , simply move the marker.

Evenly space the increases in increase rounds.

Round 2: increase 2 stitches to 8.

Round 3: increase 2 stitches to 10.

Round 4: increase 2 stitches to 12.

Round 5: increase 2 stitches to 14.

Round 6: increase 2 stitches to 16.

Round 7: increase 2 stitches to 18.

Round 8: sc around. 18 stitches.

Round 9: increase 2 stitches to 20.

Round 10: increase 2 stitches to 22.

Round 11: Increase 2 stitches to 24. Cut yarn and secure end before attaching to project.

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