Best crystals for manifesting

Crystals can supercharge anything you’re trying to achieve in your life. They are stable forms of energy, unlike our bodies which are not stable- at all.

I have had some experience with all of these crystals with regard to manifesting. If you’re reading this you may be at a point in your life where things are not as your would like. Maybe you’re anxious about a situation, money is tight, you have a feeling of “lost” or not sure what to do.

I will detail how crystals can help but I also encourage you to put your brain to work. Set yourself up for success in all ways. Instead of trying to think your way out of a situation that you’d like to change and you can’t find a solution, ask your brain to do it. It works very well.

Let’s look at some specific examples to help you find the things to ask your brain with the caveat that your questions are only about yourself. We cannot control others they are on their own path.

  • What can I do to increase the revenue of my business?
  • How can I stop {insert habit you want to change} so I feel more in control?
  • Which people can help teach me how to___?
  • How can I be a better friend/parent/partner to?

These types of questions open up possibility and the answers will come. In my experience they come very quickly. The ideas and circumstances appear. I have had it happen in hours or days. Never longer than that. The answers are always there we may just not be looking in the right place for them. This process helps fix that.

Jade manifests money

I remember the first time I got my jade crystal. It was 9 years ago. I did the cleansing and charging process. I programmed it very specifically around my business and finance (see how I do this in a post about crystals). In a matter of days things began to happen.

I heard stories of “out of the blue” situations arising as a result of manifesting and that is exactly what happened. Three different instances in 10 days of each other that financially impacted my bottom line in a very positive way. Ways I never could have conjured up in my imagination.

I recall reflecting back after the third situation because it was so astounding how much changed so quickly. I laughed a little. I wasn’t in disbelief because I know the power of doing this but I felt the feeling of manifesting.

This is why we don’t need to worry about the how things will happen. Focus on the outcome rather than the parts that come in to play to get there.

Citrine manifests abundance

To me citrine is THE abundance crystal. A stone of success if you will. I have several citrine crystals. I put one in my joy jar that I use to bring about an increase in what my word of the year is. I cleanse and recharge it every full moon. I don’t want a single day of the year to pass by without encouraging action around my word. One year my word was “accomplished”. I wanted to feel accomplished regularly in many areas of life.

I used the exercise of asking my brain, “how could I…” and I was manifesting left and right, upside down, right side up and sideways. The half quart jar was completely full of accomplishments at the end of the year.

Program your crystal how you want it to help your with abundance. Perhaps to show you how to grow abundance in all areas of your life. In a single area of life or “what can I do to feel more abundant?”

Citrine crystals are also great for creativity. I am a professional creative and I asked it many times to help me with creative blocks when I have the odd day where my brain isn’t coming up with the ideas to create something from nothing (my favorite feeling of accomplishment).

Selenite clears what is blocking manifestation

A selenite wand is a must have for any crystal owner/enthusiast. I think of it as having a kitchen full of food but no pots to cook in. This crystals helps everything else happen as well as standalone virtues. It has the ability to clearnegative energy from you and your other crystals. If your energy is like a big stop sign you aren’t going to manifest what you’re looking to manifest.

Selenite is a crystal that, like the clear quartz, brings about mental clarity. It is difficult to manifest without mental clarity. I describe lack of mental clarity within trying to manifest like the shine of the north star, our brightest star in the sky. It is there shining bright but when clouds block it is nearly impossible to get to with our vision.

Lift the brain fog and clear negative energy with this powerful crystal. Keep it near your other crystals to help them maintain their charge. Keep it away from water. It is one of the stones that is water soluble. I do the monthly cleanse with a tuning fork for these types of crystals.

Selenite also comes in lamp form. They are used like salt lamps. Beautiful angelic light coupled with function. When you use your selenite wand pay extra attention to get it over the bottoms of your feet and top of your head when clearing.

Clear quartz will supercharge manifesting of all kinds

Clear quartz is a stone I like to think of as good quality fuel so a machine runs at optimal performance with a turbo boost. Keep it next to the stone you are using to manifest whatever it is you desire. It also helps with mental clarity. If you’re struggling with the exercise at the beginning of this post, a clear quartz can help your mind get clear on how to ask your question so you get the resolution you seek.

This is one crystal to take care that it’s being cleansed and charged monthly because of how much work it does around universal support and amplifying yours and your other crystal energy.

Now that you’ve decided which crystals will help your manifesting journey get ready for things to begin happening in your life. Be excited to the possibilities and allow them to come. It’s an exciting spiritually active time!