Finding your word of the year 2022

word of the year

Whether this is your first time using a word of the year or a repeat habit you’ve developed each year Is a fresh start to reflect and renew. In this post let’s focus how to use your word of the year to supercharge your goals in the upcoming year – or whenever you chose to begin your renewed focus.

Picking your word of the year can be a little overwhelming and I want to help you get away from overwhelm and narrow it down. This isn’t a difficult process once you get started.

To help your decision I have created a list of several words that could be how you want to feel as you move into the new year. If none of them hit just right use it to inspire other words that could fit the direction you want your life to go in.

How to find your word of the year

Word of the year ideas

Pick up to five words then start to cull down to three. Your main word should be something you feel the most strongly about of the three.

Your main goal forever and always is to be your best self. What is holding you back from being that best self? Are you giving too much of yourself away? Not focusing on an area of life that is lacking? Are you drowning in clutter, guilt, overwhelm at what to do to move forward? We are all human. It’s ok to be where you are right now. Life is ever changing and you can shift into a new direction if you don’t feel good about the direction you are going currently.

I encourage you to make a list of 10 things you want in your life no matter how big or small. See how a word may relate to them (any word will supercharge these 10 things in all honesty). If you see a pattern than the majority of your list is leaning toward one area of your life maybe that is where your focus needs to go. This exercise is a great way to reflect, pivot and correct if you’re going down the wrong path.

Keep looking at and rewriting that list on a daily basis.

Joy jar

Create a joy jar to speed up manifestation

A joy jar is a wonderful way to keep your word of the year front and center on a daily basis. Keep it somewhere you can see it daily. Move it from time to time so you don’t get so used to seeing it that you don’t see it anymore. Try your desk, kitchen, nightstand, coffee table, hearth and bathroom.

Once you make yourself a Joy Jar and start putting something in it daily whether it be a memorable meal, a kindness from a stranger, joy derived from your friends or a coworker, family or pets, a new idea that inspires you, action toward one of your 10 items, a surprise, a feel good movie, etc. It’s nice to unpack that jar at the end of the year. I put my word on my jar so it’s very clear and I look at it every single day.

I like to supercharge my joy jar with the abundance crystal, citrine. I cleanse and recharge every second full moon. It considerably increased the manifestation of instances relating to my word of the year.

I am excited for your new path in 2022!