How to use crystals

How do you put energy into a crystal?

You acquired your crystal (or mala) so now what? I like to use the analogy of a crystal being a newly hired employee. You have screened it for the qualities you are looking for to fill a position. It comes equipped with talents but you have to teach it how to do the job for you. This is the crystal programming process.

First cleanse it. It came from a place, a person, etc. It has been on a journey before it came into your possession. It must be cleared from all the energy it picked up along the way. This is a living stable energy form. It is quite a special thing to have.

Knowing what you know about the crystal you have chosen , for example if you have a blue lace agate and you know it can help with feeling overwhelmed or anxious conditions. We know from a chakra chart blue stones aid in this area. After you’ve cleansed it, hold your stone or mala and speak-feel your intention in it. “You will help ease my anxious feelings and help me return to calm and focus on the good things in my life.”

Much of spiritual work is reliant on feeling, not speaking the words. Get your mind into the relaxed place of what you are programming your crystal to do for you and WITH you. Once you are mentally in the place, hold your crystal and begin. Let it feel that feeling you have and speak it. Hold it and be with the feeling. Feel it washing over you both. Hold it in that place until the feeling begins to dissipate. Then your crystal is properly programmed. It will hold that energy you just gave it so you can access it when you need it.

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Because many of your stones will be used in a way to relieve your negative feelings they will absorb those feelings and will need to be cleansed regularly. I like to do mine every full moon.

How to use crystals at home

Some will advise using your crystals as protection when you’re away from home. I personally minimize how often and how many of my stones go out in public. They absorb energy around them and many people are walking around in a negative mindset. I don’t want that in my crystals. You can cleanse them when you get home as some crystals absolutely should go with you. Some people even chose protective stones as pendants to wear as a beautiful piece of jewelry so they can wear them in public.

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At home placing your crystals in particular rooms for particular purposes are how we use them.

It is important to determine which crystals are high energy and which are gentle energy. For instance, when I got my first three crystals (that included a polychrome jasper) I wanted to sleep with all three of them to infuse my energy into them. I could not sleep with the jasper in the same room. It has so much energy it kept me wide awake all night. After that day it lives in the alter near my living room fireplace.

I now keep only amethyst, green jasper and rose quartz in my bedroom.

A popular use of Shungite is to protect from all the electromagnetic fields we live with in these modern times. While almost every crystal should be kept far from our cell phones and computers this one should have a home next to all of these things. A shungite bracelet is a good way to have protection at all times from these things. More scientific benefits of this impressive stone can be found here. This is a high energy stone not to be kept in the bedroom.

In your bedroom stones like black tourmaline (for relaxing your mind and protection), rose quartz (for calming and healing) and amethyst (for protection and purification) are excellent for restful sleep. Keep this in mind when you program your bedroom crystals. Let them know how to work for you while you dream.

What crystals should not be in your bedroom

This tends to be the most common ask with regard to where people want crystals. Invariably you will find it is the bedroom they are most concerned. As mentioned above high energy crystals will impede a restful night of sleep. Again, be mindful of this when programming your crystals. Telling a high energy crystal to let you rest is like telling a dog not to bark. Dogs are programmed to bark from birth.

Put your crystal in a circumstance to do the most for you.

Some crystals to avoid in your sleep space

  • Moldavite: known to give the “moldavite flush” it is so energetic.
  • Amethyst (yes I keep one by my bed as it does not overstimulate me but for some people it does as it works with the crown chakra and CAN stimulate the mind)
  • Red Jasper
  • Auralite: Another crown chakra stone that does bring mental clarity and deepens spiritual connection, those are also stimulating for a mind trying to blank out for sleep.
  • Shungite: As mentioned above this stone is powerful! For such an unassuming stone that can look like a piece of coal it is a high energy stone that has significant power.
  • Clear quartz: A great stone for any room that isn’t your bedroom. It is an amplifier.

Crystals for your kitchen

Cooking is a wonderful creative outlet for some and others it is a chore. Find the crystals that amplifies the way you want to feel when you cook.

  • Energized: Carnelian boosts stamina and creativity and letting go of poor eating habits
  • Creative: Citrine a stone of creativity, abundance and joy
  • Protection: Shungite to protect from EMF radiation, especially if you cook recipes from your tablet or phone

Crystals for your bathroom

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Your bathroom is a sanctuary and crystals will enhance that.

Clear quartz: amplify the relaxing energy you feel during self care

Bloodstone: Known also as heliotrope this stone is powerful. It purifies and detoxifies. Think of it as the spa stone. It promotes a constant flow of energy through the body.

Jade: There is a reason beauty tools are made of jade. I use a gua cha jade tool as part of my skin care routine. Jade rollers are popular. This isn’t just a stone of abundance , it promotes joy and health.

Moonstone: For women this is for hormone balance or fertility. A beautiful clear stone with rainbow cast will be a beautiful addition to your bathroom.

Amethyst: For its calming properties this stone can be used in most rooms of your home but the bathroom should have a boost of calm and centering the mind.