A complete guide to better sleep

How to sleep better

Creating a thoughtful night time ritual may seem frivolous but it really does train your brain to decompress and shift into rest mode. Even if it is just 30 minutes you have it will make a difference into how relaxed you are before bed. That in turn translates to fall asleep faster and sleeping moreRead more

Which crystals are good for my bedroom to improve sleep?

Crystals that promote sleep Can a crystal really help you with your sleep issues? The answer: if used correctly absolutely. The wrong crystals will keep you awake. That I say from experience. And I am not one that typically has sleep issues. The answer to this will be unique to each person. I say thisRead more

How to use crystals

How do you put energy into a crystal? You acquired your crystal (or mala) so now what? I like to use the analogy of a crystal being a newly hired employee. You have screened it for the qualities you are looking for to fill a position. It comes equipped with talents but you have toRead more