Which crystals are good for my bedroom to improve sleep?

Crystals that promote sleep

Can a crystal really help you with your sleep issues? The answer: if used correctly absolutely. The wrong crystals will keep you awake. That I say from experience. And I am not one that typically has sleep issues.

The answer to this will be unique to each person. I say this because why you may have difficulty sleeping is unique to you. Your crystals should reflect that.

Crystals don’t show and magically take away your insomnia. This is a team effort, you being part of that team.

Sleep issues related to:

  • A worrying mind
  • Anxiety
  • Health issues
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes and variances

Crystals that can help sleep

Look at the properties of these crystals and see which will suit your needs and program them accordingly. Crystals won’t magically appear and fix things for you. You use them as a tool by connecting with them and your intentions around them with regularity. Incorporate them into a nighttime ritual and rest easy knowing they are there supporting you.

white bedspread beside nightstand with white and copper table lamp
  1. Selenite: This crystal really shines in its ability to clear energy from you but also from other crystals. It should be a staple in your crystal collection. I suggest having it in wand form so you can wave it over your body when you’re doing an energy cleanse.

This is one crystal that shouldn’t get wet. You can have one in lamp form similar to how you would use a Himalayan salt lamp.

Use it to clear away bad energy from the day and allow more gentle calm energy fill you for a good nights sleep.

2. Rose quartz: Often called the love stone this beautiful pink stone does more than heal the heart. It helps dissolve fears and anxiety, even resentment. It can fill you will a sense of contentment and peace , even a mothering type of love can wash over when you connect with your rose quartz.

close up photo of crystals

3. Black tourmaline: This is another powerful energy clearing stone that removes negative energies and replaces it with calm and a sense of grounding– exactly what we need to feel restful. It offers protection and is comforting to have nearby while you slumber.

4. Green calcite: This comforting and gentle energy stone stimulates the immune system while you sleep and help increase the calm energy of the room you’re sleeping in. It has the ability to rejuvenate you while you sleep.

5. Fluorite: This stone is big on healing and soothing properties. Fluorite is a protective stone like black tourmaline but where it differs is in the relaxation element and improving your sleep patterns specifically.

A note on amethyst: Some people do like this stone for sleep. It’s absolutely a stone that should be in your crystal collection. Because it is connected to the crown chakra it can cause the mind to be to alert and race so if you chose to try it just know if you can’t sleep well with it that is the reason. Simply move it to another room , clear it and reprogram it.

Program your crystals for sleep

After you’ve selected the right crystals for your sleep needs they need to be programmed. I discuss this here. What sleep issues do you have that your crystal can help with? Teach your crystal how to help you and put it to work with proper programming.

I generally keep mine in a small dish on a nightstand. Some people like selenite or rose quartz under their pillow. My crystals work together beautifully and I sleep well every night. I add a moonstone to the dish when my hormones are fluctuating and can cause a little insomnia.

Keep your crystals cleansed and charged regularly (I suggest at each full moon when you are releasing negative energy and then they can soak up the energy of the moon immediately after) because they are working hard for you each night.

Making crystals work for better sleep

Developing a nighttime ritual with your crystals is ideally how you work in sync together. Your programming process, how you taught them to work with you is key. Creating a thoughtful night time ritual may seem frivolous but it really does train your brain to decompress and shift into rest mode. Even if it is just 30 minutes you have it will make a difference into how relaxed you are before bed. I wrote about this here.

Put on something meant only for this time of day/night. Something that feels pleasurable against your skin. Nothing tight or binding. If you enjoy baths a magnesium (epsom salt) bath is excellent for rest and draws impurities and negative energies from your body. Light a candle in a scent you find soothing.

The mind body connection for improved sleep

For the mind body connection try some stretching, very gentle. Nothing that will raise your heart rate. Slow thoughtful movements. Think of it as releasing tensions of the day. Stretch your legs, arms and back. I like a yoga wheel to roll out my spine as I complete my stretching. Flex your feet and hands so it’s a real head to toe body release.

Maybe have a favorite warm cup of something you find soothing. Play soft music like relaxing piano. No singing, nothing that will cause toe tapping. Apply skin care, body care, making long slow deep strokes that also help your muscles to relax. Even eye muscles, the back of your neck, back of your legs, soles of you feet.

If you have a pet take time now to brush them or stroke them giving them soft assuring words as they look at you with love in their eyes. It’s great bonding time with them.

If you’re struggling with racing mind always go to gratitude. Reflect on simple things taking your mind away from what is weighing on it.

Then sit with your sleep crystals near your bed. Remember what you programmed them to do. This will remind you of how you want to feel when you sleep. Allow them to unburden you of energy you wish to let go of from the day. Allow healing and protection. Allow feeling wrapped in comfort and safety.

For how to use crystals in other areas of your home read my post about it here.