Butterfly pea flower tea

diuretic tea, butterfly tea

More than just a pretty face

This striking indigo tea gets its color from flowers. It was so spectacular when I first made it I couldn’t resist taking this photo.

It’s pretty but how does it taste?

Butterfly pea tea is an all herbal caffeine free tea made from Clitoria Ternatea. It has a decidedly earthy taste, if not downright vegetal.

This is not a raw astringent taste like green tea, this is green herbal vegetable with no tannins.

When lightly sweetened I like it as a change of pace from other health promoting beverages. You’d be right if you guessed that the color translates to health benefits. It’s full of antioxidants that help cognitive function, vision, collagen stimulation and eases water retention (diuretic).

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A diuretic tea

Is it a diuretic – effect tea? Yes it really does have a debloating effect. I didn’t realize this when I first was trying it but the effect is undeniable. Drink it when you will have access to a bathroom for a few hours.

It’s in my beverage rotation of home brewed kombucha, black tea and other herbal teas. I mainly drink water day to day but do enjoy one of these in addition to water each day.

How to make butterfly tea

If you’ve only used bagged teas in the past it can be confusing to make tea from free form plants but it’s not rocket science. You can use an infuser pot that can take hot water temps or no infuser at all and strain it out with a small handheld strainer. Take anywhere from 5-7 dried buds and steep them in 2 cups of hot water for at least 10 minutes.

I leave it overnight to cool most of the time. Depending how long you steep the flowers you can get a second brew out of them. Strain before serving.

Sweeten if desired and serve over ice. I make ice cubes out of the tea as well so it doesn’t dilute my pea flower tea. If you add a squeeze of lemon the blue will turn purple! You fingers may stain a bit when handling the water bloomed buds so I recommend using a utensil to transfer them.

There are many sellers of this gem of a tea  This is the one I have. Of course, look for blooms free of pesticides.