The Canterbury crochet dish towel

crochet kitchen towel pattern

I love the look of crochet kitchen dishtowels! I first started to use them to add visual interest to my food photography images but I found I was reaching for them on a day to day basis as trivets, placemats and moving around warm dishes. Single-ply crochet is not an effective proper potholder but all other warm, not hot, dishes, crockery and pans can comfortably be handled with this.

I like to put them under my mini crock casseroles for single-serve things like quiche (in the air fryer!), mac and cheese, or anything else you can fit into a gratin dish and bake to bubbly perfection. They absorb steam and moisture so your dishes won’t leave watermarks.

This design adds visual interest with two colors and two textures. Always use 100% cotton for your kitchen and bathroom crochet items for absorbency purposes. During your downtime in quarantine, you can whip one up in a day or two!

I also have a free crochet hand towel pattern here.

Link to pattern: here

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