Easy wide ribbed crochet hat – free pattern

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If you’re looking for a simple crochet hat with just a little pizzazz look no further. With this free pattern you can work up this wide ribbed hat with stretchy brim in a day or less than a day.


I designed project trackers! This is the large print version for tired eyes. So much easier than using apps, scraps of paper or a plain notebook.

Three project sizes, a handy ruler and hook guide inside the cover and plenty of rooms for notes in each pattern.

A handy 9″ x 6″ size.

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Green is my favorite and this guacamole shade from Red Heart soft is the perfect shade to me. This pattern is based on a 4 weight yarn. The hat is worked in the round from the top down, continuing into the ribbed brim.


  • 3 ounces 4 weight yarn
  • 5.0 mm & 6.0 mm crochet hook
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors
  • puff for top of hat (optional)

sc (single crochet)

dc (double crochet)

slst (slip stitch)

fpdc (front post double crochet)

bpdc (back post double crochet)

If you don’t know how to do fpdc and bpdc I have a video to help you out!


This hat is written for a women’s size about 6.25” at the crown. You can increase to 7” or decrease width by doing fewer crown rows for a child’s size.

Begin with 6.0 mm hook. Ch 4, slst to join to form a ring

Round 1 12 dc into the first stitch/ring. stst to join round.

Round 2 ch 2. 2 dc into each st. sl at end of round.

Round 3 ch 2. * dc in first st, 2 dc in next. Repeat * to end of round and slst to join.

Round 4 ch 2. *One dc in first two st. dc 2 in next*. Repeat * to* to end of round. slst to join.

Round 5 ch 2. *One dc in first three st. dc 2 in next.* Repeat* to* end of round. slst to join.

You should be at about a 6.25” measurement at this point. Add another row if you need more width, increasing in the 5th stitch of sequence.

Round 6 ch 2. dc around, slst to join.

Round 7. ch 2. fpdc around. slst to join.

Round 8 & 9. repeat row 6

Round 10. Repeat row 7

Round 11 & 12. Repeat row 6

Round 13. Repeat row 7

Round 14 & 15 Repeat row 6


Change to 5.0 mm hook

Ch 2. Fpdc first st. Bpdc next. Repeat alternation to end of round. Slip st to join.

Repeat round 1-2 more times based on how wide you want your hat brim.

Finish with a ch 1 and sc around. Weave in ends and attach decorative hat topper if desired.