How to make a no stretch strap for crochet bags

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Saggy straps on bags – absolutely no one has time for that! I recount the time I had some potatoes in a crochet market bag and even at my 5’11 height the bag straps stretched down nearly to my knees!

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While this strap likely won’t be suited to a market bag it is great for fashion bags of all types.

I developed this strap for the Camellia designer crochet bag and not only is it attractive but it has very little stretch.

Tips to make a purse strap with little to no stretch:

  1. Use a no stretch (or very little stretch) yarn like cotton.
  2. Go down one size of the hook recommended on the yarn you’re using

How to attach it to your bag? This is critical in choosing what kind of strap you’re going to make. Not every strap style works with every bag.

You have a few options to attach your strap. This style of strap is added once a bag is done rather than worked into the body design.

*Use it how it’s shown here wrapping around the handle holder you’ve chosen. Just make sure to go up 2-3 inches to give a good secure attachment. Don’t simply wrap it around the strap holder. Think of it like roots on a tree. The longer ones support a large sturdy tree.

*Anchor it on the inside of the bag with a washer, knot or large wood toggle.

*Once it’s in place close it off to create a circle.

How to crochet a no stretch strap

Crochet desired length with your small hook.

Row 1: in second chain from hook hdc across row. chain 2 turn.

Row 2: in the style of the waistcoat stitch work dc under and between stitches creating a wrapped effect. The arrow is pointing between front facing v’s where you insert the hook. work these dc across row. Turn. do no chain

Row 3: slip stitch across row to finish.

Watch the video tutorial of these 4 steps below.