The perfect project tracker for crochet and knit

Crochet project tracker

I don’t know about you but I like the satisfaction of using my pencil to check things off. Apps aren’t quite as fulfilling and certainly not good for tired eyes to go from stitch to phone.

No more scraps of note paper, wrinkled up note pads, drawing my own lines, check boxes, scribbled notes on patterns. It’s exhausting and makes some projects more of a chore than the joy they are meant to be.

I created a tracker notebook that tracks three project sizes. Sections for smaller things like knit and crochet placemats, dishrags, etc.

Mid sized projects like home and garments

Large projects like blankets and throws.

Check out this free crochet hat with brim pattern if you’re looking for a fresh new hat design!

A project tracker just for crocheters and knitters – and designers

Each page has a place to track your project name, hook and needle size(s), yarns and any color or stitch changes you make along the way. It’s great for knit and crochet designers too to work with as you created your latest and greatest design.

See more here.

Large print also available here.