Relief from crochet sore arms and wrists!

If you crochet for hours at a time week after week you know the feeling of arms that feel spent, wrists that don’t have any more to give and various shoulder complaints. Severity ranges based on your body size, how you hold your hook and feed your yarn as you work.

What is a crochet lover to do? I was determined to find a solution. When I am feverishly working on something either to get a design prototype done or a gift ready in time the pain sets in.

I found the solution and it’s been a real crochet game changer! I did try one desperate day (I really needed to finish but my arms were spent) so I grabbed a body pillow from the bed and wrapped it around my torso like a horseshoe and voila! What a difference. All the pressure was off my forearms and my wrists breathed a sigh of relief.

While the body pillow works in a pinch it is not a long term solution. It is bunchy, awkward and isn’t meant to folded around your waist but something is! A nursing pillow. I got a high quality one called a boppy because lesser quality pillows I know from experience just don’t give the right support.

Get a boppy of your own here .

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