New Moon and Full Moon tarot reading for a better life

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I pay very close attention to the moon cycles. In fact, if you use google calendar you can add “phases of the moon” to yours and keep up with them yourself.

Why pay attention to the phases of the moon?

Simply put, the energy of the world is impacted by the moon. The tides, our emotions, and so on. Have you ever felt “off” and couldn’t pinpoint why? Check the moon phase (google calendar has a moon cycle you can add to your current calendar lineup) and see if a full moon is near.

To make yourself aware of how to best use moon energies to speed up whatever it is you’re trying to create (or release) in your life will be amplified if you time it correctly. Flowing with lunar energy is in all of our best interest. Check this post I wrote on how to clear bad energy from your space. The full moon is the time to release it!

We’re all connected. The moon, the sun, the earth, living things. Nothing and no one can opt out.

Full moon and new moon tarot reading

About three years ago I started new moon and full moon readings for myself. They were so impactful for me that I began to offer them to clients. This is an ongoing twice a month reading that tells us what is currently in our favor, time is ripe for XYZ and what to release.

How our surroundings are affecting us comes in to play during the reading. Also the theme in our lives (what will be prominent) for the next moon phase. When you know exactly what energy is in your favor putting your effort into that is like swimming downstream. It all happens almost effortlessly. After a few months of steady readings, you can see a pattern of how your life is flowing.

This could mean the difference of putting an ice cube tray full of water into the fridge to freeze vs. putting it into a freezer. It won’t freeze in the fridge. Certainly it will get colder but to get the desired outcome quickly you need to put it in the freezer. Putting effort into the optimal conditions gives an optimal result.

When to release and when to allow

The full moon is the time to release what is no longer serving you. Its powerful energy can easily take in whatever you are casting out of your life. It’s very important to consider what it is you would like to release. Feelings, habits, thoughts, relationships, mindset, etc so that when the new moon energy comes about two weeks later you have that clear space available to receive what it is you want to bring into your life.

It’s important to rebalance your own energy during each moon phase but also the energy of your home. I use a tuning fork like this. Click.

If I haven’t had anyone new come into my home between the moon phases for light day to day rebalancing rather than a full-on sage smoke session a tuning fork is great spiritual maintenance.

If I have had guests over to entertain or workmen in and out I immediately do a tuning fork session then a full-on saging during my moon ritual.

If you do no other self-reflection work I urge you to do it for a few minutes during each of the two moon phases every month.

This is an excellent time to clear and charge your crystals

clear glass figurines

The full moon energy is perfect to charge your crystals to full power after you’ve cleared them. I do this every moon cycle.

Use your chosen clearing method (salt, selenite, tuning fork, etc) then put them directly in the moonlight for 2-4 nights- just before and after the peak moon day.

Then reprogram them so they can continue to support your health and goals. I wrote here about how to use crystals in your home and how to clear, charge and program them.

As you do your moon phase readings month after month you will begin to trust them. As you read over the prior month you will see the accuracy and it will help you as you move forward in your life and in the next phase of the moon.