Free crochet dishtowel pattern – The Canterbury dishtowel

Free cochet dishtowel pattern

I love the look of crochet kitchen dishtowels! I first started to use them to add visual interest to my food photography images but I found I was reaching for them on a day to day basis as trivets, placemats and moving around warm dishes. Single-ply crochet is not an effective proper potholder but allRead more

Crochet sock patterns to try now

Why you should crochet socks

The benefits of crochet socks Why should knitters have all the sock fun!? If you’re a strict crochet-only crafter and want some socks you can get in on the sock game too. Nothing feels like crochet socks. I love them on their own merits. Not as a replacement to commercial made socks. I like themRead more