Crystals that help health and weight loss goals 2022

Can a crystal help your weight loss goal? Can a crystal help you overcome a health challenge? The answer is: probably. In this post we will examine why, how and which crystals aid these processes.

I have written other posts on how effective crystals are in improving different aspects of our lives. As with all crystals they must be properly programmed to work effectively. You don’t just take possession of a crystal and your life changes. You have to teach the crystal how to help you with its already capable ability. Think of it as hiring a very well educated and qualified person for a job. If you don’t teach them the workings of the business and what is expected of them they won’t perform well. See how to program your stones in this post.

How you chose crystals for your goal will depend on why your weight or health challenge is an issue. Stress eating, eating disorders, overwhelm with planning and choosing the right meals or other reasons make a difference in how you approach working with crystals.

After reading about the different crystals below you may want to combine them for a more powerful impact on your efforts.

Reminder to keep your crystals away from electronics and to keep them cleansed and charged regularly.

Hematite for willpower

If you struggle with making changes to habits that contribute to worsening the situation you’d like to change there is a crystal for that. Hematite is a crystal that strengthens willpower as you transition into better choices and, if applicable , in line with your physicians recommendations for specific changes.

I wrote in the tiny habits post about empowering yourself each day to achieve your goal and hematite can help.

How obsidian helps weight loss

This stunning black stone is powerful at dispelling negative energy which is something that can cause overeating or emotional eating from a place of sadness, frustration, fear or just general anxiety (some emotional eating is happy eating).

Obsidian has also been known to help with cravings and digestion.

Using rose quartz to support weight loss

If you have some crystals already rose quartz is likely one in your arsenal. If you chose to add it to your collection take advantage of the calming loving energy that radiates from this pink beauty.

Keeping a sense of calm and positive loving feelings will help you make better choices that come from a place of self care. It will move you to treat your body with kindness by not over feeding it or feeding it food that doesn’t nourish you properly. Program it to help you if you feel a lack in this area of support.

Blue Apatite helps with being overly hungry

Hunger is often a part of cutting back on calories and if you’re uncomfortable at first with the thought of you may be hungry – or have trouble with mental hunger versus physical hunger this is the crystal for you.

Pairing the power of blue apatite with the calming of rose quartz is a beautiful blend of keeping anxious feelings around hunger at bay.

How to use the crystal for weight loss and health goals

Develop a routine so you are connecting with your crystal or crystals that you have programmed each day. Remember what you programmed them to do specifically and connect with that. Meditate or visualize with your crystal in hand. Think of them as your partner in your day to day efforts so you are consistent to get the results you want. Slowly the shifts will result in your getting closer to your goal. Weight loss is a long slow road and consistency is key. Let your crystal be there to support you along the way.