The #1 thing you need in your spiritual arsenal

After several years of working with crystals, connecting my guides as well as others guides and tarot there is one single thing that I feel like I am in a sea without a life jacket. I also feel it is a good starting tool for anyone new to exploring their spiritual path.

The more you use the more trust and connection you will feel to spiritual power. What is this tool? A dowsing tool.

Once you select one you can use it in so many parts of your life. I keep one in the kitchen, one on my desk and one on my alter.

You can find books on how to use them, the history of them, etc but I want to share practical ways to use it in your everyday life. It’s how I use it and never once has it let me down. It is always 100% accurate. I take one with me when I travel. I feel naked and unarmed if I am without one.

Program your pendulum

Once you get a pendulum , hold it in your dominant hand with the top or close to the top pinched between your fingers. Ask it “show me yes”. Even if it is still it will begin to move. Notice if it is in a circular motion or back and forth. Then ask it to “show me no”. I hold mine in my hand and put it in my pocket the first day or two so it gets in sync with me really well. Always thank your pendulum. A force is moving and you want to show gratitude and recognition for it in your life and communicating with you in your best interest.

Now let’s get on with HOW to use this special tool.

Gain clarity in everyday life with a dowsing tool

My first introduction to using a pendulum (another name for the dowsing tool) was with regard to selecting the right supplements for my body. This is how this tool shines. Because it is tuned to your body and only your body it will know the answers. That means don’t ask it about someone else.

Use it to learn:

  • What dose of a supplement is enough for you.
  • Ask which chakra is out of balance when you feel “off”. Focus on each chakra and let the pendulum answer after you ask while placing your hand on each one.
  • Hold it over an ingredient when you cook or are preparing food and ask if it is beneficial for your body. I’ve even asked it if chicken is cooked through or leftovers are spoiled!
  • Can’t make a choice? The pendulum will know what is in your best interest so ask it.
  • If you use tarot and want to double check if the card you felt drawn to pull is the message your guide is intending.
  • You can ask it about a health concern but it is not a substitute for medical care. I have had it successfully help me identify allergies to specific things.

While asking it about another person isn’t useful if you are very pair bonded with your pet you can use it to help you understand if they are unwell and narrow down by asking specific ailment questions or hold it over a food to see if it is beneficial for your pet.

It’s also and excellent way to chose your crystals if you go shopping for them in person. As you feel drawn to different ones pick one up and dowse it. I take my pendulum with me on some shopping trips for this reason. I used it in a CBD store to see which formula would be the most beneficial for my body.

I have had naturopaths use them to help prescribe herbs and nutrition supplements during treatments as well.

If your question does not pertain to a physical item in your presence close your eyes and ask while holding it over your non dominant hand.

Language matters

Be very specific in your questions. Nothing wishy washy. The questions must be asked in such a way that a yes or no answer is the correct and only answer. Focus on what it is you are asking and not the outcome you think you want. Think facts – not feelings. Don’t ask it questions when you are highly stressed or emotional. You must have no attachment to the outcome (even though you do). Take some slow deep breaths , do a little gratitude until you feel more calm then pose your question.

As you develop your relationship with dowsing you will quickly see how the process works when you find you are getting unclear movements from the tool. You may have to re-pose your question as unclear questions get unclear answers.

Asking the right question:

young woman sleeping in comfy bed

Don’t “Should I try a new fitness regime?”

Do : “Will a new fitness regime be beneficial for increasing my energy levels/stamina/strength?”

Don’t “Is this supplement good or bad to improve my sleep?”

Do: ” Is this supplement beneficial for improving my insomnia?”

I have experienced the “yes” and “no” movements to be so strong the crystal will hit my body or face!

Now, get yourself a pendulum and start swinging!