Identifying your values

Identify your values
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Whether conscious or not our values are what drive us. Knowing what yours are will help you make decisions that give your life a better sense of purpose and fulfillment and yes, calm.

I have known all my life what mine are deep down but until I crystallized my main value and two supporting values it was life changing.

I know when I am going against my values by feeling tense or uneasy. Every day throughout each day, each moment a choice is presented. No matter how big or small I feel uneasy when my choice goes against my main value.

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Below is a list of over 200 values. As you glance over it you will quickly feel which ones resonate with you. I remember many years ago when I looked over a list like this. I felt many were very much part of who I am but upon further thought it was clear what my top three were.

There is likely a pattern in your life that displays clearly which values you live by. Freedom is #1 for me without question. Anything that negatively affects me feeling free is extremely challenging for me to have in my life.

Situations and people related to planning, commitment, structure or obligation gives me extreme anxiety so I know to avoid those circumstances.

Is the work you do, the company you keep, the lifestyle you live support what’s important to you?

Try starting with ten then narrow it down to your top three. From there your #1 will be evident.