Balancing the energy of your home to allow all the things

Sage and crystals for energy balance

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More than just burning sage, but please burn sage

In all likelihood you have some familiarity with the term “burning sage.” Either you’ve heard it as a quip in passing or on a much deeper level you use it at different points in your life (or maybe just a time or two) for a specific reason.

I want to to talk about my path to sage and how I use and and help others to use it to bring results in their home and life.

Seven years ago as I began to hone my intuitive skills to help others. I was exploring the right rituals and tools that worked best for me in my practice. As time passed I grew a better understanding of the language of angel tarot, crystals and the power of visualization. I had lived in my home for a decade and while no negative experiences had occurred in it I still wanted to do a good energy cleanse to refresh it as I was plotting a life change.

Everything and anything moves with greater ease when there is no energy blocking the path. I explored sage burning and incorporated it into my full moon ritual every month.

Sage is one of many herbs that can be burned for a desired outcome. Sage specifically is for clearing and letting go. Sweetgrass is useful to burn during the new moon for letting new blessings in – including positive energy. It’s a good rule of thumb to remember you must release in order to allow so sage is always the first step.

Full moon = Release (sage). New Moon = Receive (sweetgrass).

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When (and how) to burn sage

Burning sage can facilitate better and more restful sleep, new blessings, and it is excellent for getting a home sold quickly as buyers only feel good things (or at the very least, neutral feelings) when they enter the house.

The process can be a little messy but there is a way to do it to prevent falling ashes. Even I have a small burn on my carpet from a falling sage ember. You see, the smoke from the heated dried sage bundle is what will draw in the vibes you’re trying to remove. Buy your sage bundle from Amazon or a metaphysical store. You don’t need a large one but why not get a large one? You can use it over and over as you will only have it smoldering for a few minutes for the clearing process.

Have a non reactive small dish with relatively low sides ready before you light your sage. Using a match or open flame source allow the top of the bundle to catch a flame, even if it’s small. It will die down and the precious smoke will begin. It need not be a thick heavy smoke, simply a stead flow of it.

I like to have a silent space when I do this maybe a bit of new age music softly playing. You need to be able to focus for the few minutes you do the sage ritual cleansing. Television or music with singing will take you out of this focus ritual. Open cabinets and closet doors. Soften your thoughts. Envision and say to yourself something along the lines of “all negative energy that no longer serves me is gathering into the smoke.” Keep the sage stick high as you do this, wave it gently and have the dish in your other hand to catch any falling embers.

Visualization is a significant part of this process

Slowly move from room to room doing this, getting behind doors, under furniture, behind curtains, etc. See all the negative vibes gathering to the ceiling in your mind. Motion them to gather together collectively into a single cloud which you will release out of an open front door or window when you complete your whole home. Using your hands with intention encourage that dark cloud out. You may feel silly if this is your first time but it works. I have seen it work for me and for others.

As your close the door or window breathe relief and know your home is now a safe space where only joy exists.

Maintaining the good energy in your space

Anytime you have someone new in your home like workmen, a social gathering, friends or extended family or even discord among people that live in the home you will want to quickly get energy balanced again.

Even if you have a pet that goes outside they may be bringing back in unwanted energies from outside. I like to use a turning fork for regular maintenance. It’s quick and clean. If there is a tension in the air before sitting down to dinner, quickly use a tuning fork in the dining area to calm.

I use one prior to doing readings for people and after I am done so I don’t hold their energy. I also use it the nights of full moon and new moon reading rituals. I “tune” my crystals before charging them in the moon energy as well.

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