Dark chocolate pistachio low calorie snack cake recipe

If you want a snack cake to satisfy your chocolate craving without taking a toll on your waistline this is the recipe for you. I love it so much I make it nearly every week to keep my sugar craving in check. If you keep a healthy stocked pantry you probably have a lot ofRead more

Charcuterie on the cheap

charcuterie for two

Big variety without spending big money You love the Pinterest charcuterie boards but the price of putting one together makes your wallet hurt? Maybe you want one but just for one or two people? Fear not my frugal reader, I’ve got you my friend! How does a guy or gal on a budget put togetherRead more

Gift ideas for crocheters and knitters

Looking for a gift for a crafter? I have some ideas! Buying hooks and needles can be tricky unless you know the size they use often or a brand they prefer. These are very personal to a crocheter or knitter. Merch is the answer! This fun spin on tarot highlights a crocheter. Also available inRead more

How to use crystals

How do you put energy into a crystal? You acquired your crystal (or mala) so now what? I like to use the analogy of a crystal being a newly hired employee. You have screened it for the qualities you are looking for to fill a position. It comes equipped with talents but you have toRead more

A modern crochet placemat pattern

modern crochet placemat pattern

Are you ready to get creative with some yarn colors? I have a crochet placemat with so many options for color combos it can make a gal dizzy. This fresh design is a flexible soft open weave look. To make you will need a 5.5mm hook and two shades of natural fiber yarn. I usedRead more

Do I need a housekeeper/maid service, organizer or interior decorator?

Does this seem like an obvious question? I think so. At first. If you examine the function of each the lines get a bit more blurry. Hiring any of these can seem like a luxury or a necessity depending on your point of view. Let’s break it down by need. Do I need a maidRead more

A Dollar Store Hack For Spice Cabinet Organization

Tired of the spice container avalanche in your cabinet when you go to look for a particular spice? Don’t want to spend a pretty penny? I have an idea for you. Organizing your small items What I tackled recently are things no way in heck would I allow anyone else to organize and that isRead more

A topcoat that really lasts even on peeling, thin problem nails – love your nails again!

Ladies, let’s talk problem nails. I have them, if you’re reading this you have them. They split, bend, peel, polish won’t stay on and maybe you feel self conscious when your hands don’t look as you’d like them too despite your best efforts. I feel you. I did the acrylic thing in my 20’s butRead more